Tax and Tax-related Law
We support our clients on all the transversal areas as taxes and incomes, special and personal incomes, and social security department by providing regular consultancy or punctual advisoring on any tax related subject.

On this branch we are geared to represent our clients on any phase of the procedures, namely applying to benefits, representation and advisory on tax inspections, on tax and social security litigations and tax crimes and administrative offences..
Corporate and Commercial Law
On the business area we support our clients through the procedures of building and developing their commercial activities and companies. We are also adept to follow up the creation, the expansion or the extintion of the company, association or foundation.
Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law
On this area we assist our clients on bankruptcy procedures, either companies or individuals, and we provide legal advisoring on debt recovery and on the restructuration of the companies and their regular commercial activity.
Real Estate and Urban Planning Law
On the Real Estate branch we offer legal advisoring in any transaction, namely the follow up on every competent act for the buying and selling, swap, usufruct and any other acts or contratcs real estate related.
On the Urban Planning Law we support our clients on licence, allotment or horizontal propriety acts.
Specially on the urban rehabilitation, we are able to support public entities or private companies on all the contracts and to counsel on the public and the financial beneficts applicable case by case providing all the necessary legal intervention and advisoring.
Emigration Laws
We have been growing and building a professional background in this area specially related to the immigrants personal and patrimonial rights, namely:

1) obtaining Visa
2) requiring the Authorization of Residence
3) review of foreign court decisions
4) tax regime for non-habitual residents
5) acquisition and attribution of portuguese nacionality
6) support on posting workers
7) E.U. blue card
8) processing the Residence Permit for Investment
9) regrouping the familly and related subjects.